Hindustan Motors brings out upgraded Mitsubishi Montero

The pioneer car manufacturing company in India, Hindustan Motors Limited, has just introduced the upgraded variant of the famous Mitsubishi Montero with a lot of new attributes to boast of. These new features have raised the ambience and architectural quotient of this hulking SUV by a great deal. An all new hefty coloured main front bumper, leather seats with new stitch designs on them, radiator grille withall chrome shinning from it and panels of power windows gives a new finish to this vehicle. This metamorphosis has added new amplitude to the architecture of this premium car while the refurbished illumination colour on the interiors has given a new ambience to the Mitsubishi Montero. With all these upgrades, the machine beneath the bonnet remains unchanged with a turbocharger and intercooler equipped DOHC 3.2-litre diesel engine that boast of a peak power of 202 PS at 3800 rpm while a peak torque of 441 Nm at 2000 rpm gives the vehicle the energy to be the best anywhere when it’s on the move.

The new SUV is attainable in colours of black mica, cool silver metallic and solid white.After Outlander 2012, Pajero Sport and currently with the introduction of the upgraded Mitsubishi Montero in the Indian automobile market, Hindustan Motors has rearranged the price tag of Mitsubishi Cedia, a sedan with a powerful rally lineage, to Rs 7.99 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi). This has certainly enhanced the value for money quotient for its many aficionados. Entering into a technical collaboration with the Japanese auto giant Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in 1998, Hindustan Motors makes and markets the premium passenger vehicles of Mitsubishi from its third factory based at Tiruvallur and office situated at Chennai in Tamil Nadu. If we look back in time, we will find that Mitsubishi Lancer was the first vehicle of the firm in India, which was introduced in 1998.Later it was followed by the SUV Mitsubishi Pajero in 2002, Mitsubishi Cedia sedan in 2006, Mitsubishi Montero the SUV in the same year, the Mitsubishi Outlander in 2008 and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X in 2010.

New Mitsubishi Montero

The Japanese firm also launched some special edition line-ups of the above vehicles from time to time. Mitsubishi Pajero Sports hat has been launched recently and has been running on the Indian roads since 12thMarch 2012, is the fresh entrant in the family of the Hindustan Motors-Mitsubishi group of cars in the Indian automobile industry. Popular for the iconic car of the early 80’s, the Ambassador, which still comes out in 1800cc petrol, 1500cc and 2000cc diesel as well as LPG and CNG models from the manufacturing lines of Hindustan Motors, the company has attained an iconic status in India. It also produces some other light commercial vehicles. Very few know that other than the popular Ambassador, Hindustan Motors also make one-tonne payload capacity mini truck, the Winner 1.5 XD PLUS, in diesel variant and Winner 1.8 XD Plus in CNG variant. A compact commercial vehicle called Veer and its auto components are manufactures at its Uttarpara facility in West Bengal. The operations also run in the state of Madhya Pradesh at Pithampurwhich is near Indore where it manufactures both the versions of Winner.

With an unbreakable commitment to the core values of holistic customer assimilation, safety, quality and environmental care, Hindustan Motors is finally making a mark with its various products other than just the good old Ambassador.

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