Honda Civic Wagon and Acura NSX Concepts for 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Diesel trend had gripped everyone in its storm. Though how big the carmaker maybe, but is incomplete if it did not had diesel jag in its kitty.

This had proven worst for Honda in all the markets of world. Being a late entrant, the Japanese carmaker is going bullish for diesel optimums. To make it a huge success they are doing a lot of applications to comply with the ongoing negative bottomline.

Honda Civic wagon for Geneva debut is one such example. To accompany wagon, Acura NSX concept will also be seen on the same paddock.

Honda To Reveal Civic Wagon Concept in Geneva
Looking at the teaser sketch of Civic wagon, a sporty exhaust is placed at the centre of rear while the total product looks strongly bonded from same Honda family. This concept will derive a lot of styling cues on production spec, as a said by carmaker itself.

The first to bear Honda’s i-DTEC turbodiesel of 1.6 liter-compact CR-V, too can be figured out at the same event.

Reportedly, the other Japanese automaker i.e. Toyota will also be there with Auris to tease its co-neighbor.

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