Honda Fit to be revealed at Detroit

It has been confirmed by Honda that the Fit MPV will be making its first appearance at the Detroit Auto Show. The company has decided to reveal the car nowhere else other than the “Motor City.” There are not many pictures of the car available on the internet apart from the single tail light view image that the company itself has revealed.

The single picture available itself shows signs of the car being designed in relation to its Japanese variant. The Japanese variant, on the other hand, is said to be the hybrid variant and is not expected to be launched in the United States market. The car is said to have amazing features that will help in giving high fuel-economy. The engine of the car is expected to be a gas powered, four-cylinder mill.

Honda Fit to reveal at Detroit

Honda is trying to set a benchmark in the subcompact car segment with the introduction of the Fit, with better technology and better design. Honda is a car manufacturer that has been producing cars in the region of United States for a period of more than 30 years now and has over 1,000 dealers across the country. It has a total of 14 manufacturing units in North America that produce transmissions, engines as well as vehicles belonging to all the different segments.

Fit is said to be one of the best selling models of Honda having a cumulative sales figure of over 4.87 million units. The company has managed to meet such high demands with Fit being manufactured in ten different locations and the car being supplied to a total of 123 countries.

Honda Fit

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