Honda Grazia Slips Off Stage at its Launch Leaving People Stunned!

Honda has recently launched its new Honda Grazia motor cycle. And this motor was to be unveiled in a grand ceremony. But wait a minute! What do we see here, just as the beast was being flaunted onstage, an accident took place and the bike slipped off the stage and straight down, much to the shock of the spectators and onlookers!

This mishap did raise quite a few eyebrows, but then people sportingly laughed it off and the event continued without any chagrin. Available in six colors, the Honda Grazia will be competing with the likes of Yamaha, Mahindra and Suzuki. An urban, peppy look, with a youth centric feel, make the Honda Grazia one of the most preferred bike.

But still, this unfortunate accident do make us wonder if it will have any adverse impact on the sales, what do you think?

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