Honda NSX Prototype Unveiled

Honda Motor Company which is of a Japanese origin has been producing sports car called the Hondo NSX since the 1990s. The NSX models sold by Honda were a hit even before it had been launched in the 1990sas it was easy to drive like a hatchback with an additional performance like that of the Ferrari and Porsche sports cars. It was considered the most advanced of technologies in those times.

The critics all reached to the same conclusion that the NSX was a splendid car with V6 engine placed in the middle (3.0 litre), the power being put thrust by the rear wheels along with variable valve timing. The rear wheels are powered by 400bhp, where the electric motor can add to the power train another 100bhp, making it a total of 500bhp. It is now finally the time when Honda is going to revive it’s most desired and legendary sports car. Honda is going to sell all the new second generation NSX cars, of which it has uncovered the prototype version, in global markets by 2015 (under Acura brand in USA).

The New NSX prototype will be touching the race tracks of the car course in Lexington in Mid-Ohio on fourth August, just prior to the commencement of the race to cover a quick lap. It has been developed R&D centre of Honda located in North America, in Raymond.

Honda NSX Prototype

The all new Honda NSX prototype of the next generation will be having an all wheel driving system along with three electronic motors. As shown by Honda in the VFR 1200R motorcycle, the power of the new car will be transmitted by the dual clutch transmission. With the name of Honda, as a gift comes reliability as the dual clutch transmission system is already to debut in the following generation of Jazz. The new NSX is expected to produce 30% more power compared to its predecessor taking into consideration the technological advancement. Along with the highlight of the torque provided by the electric motors, there is no room left to criticize the handling as sharp handling has been promised as a result of twin motors which lead to highly responsive torque vectoring.

People have got a glance of this stylish and the custom graphic designed masterpiece in the Hollywood movie “Avengers.” The development of the new prototype has been done keeping in mind or retaining the same concept of the car having a pointy face, as the NSX was last seen in January at the Detroit Motor Show. The new NSX has to live up to the expectations when it comes in 2015 as compared to the standards set by the previous models. It is hoped that Honda will be bringing the car to India even if in limited numbers so as allow the people to feel it and see it in real.

With huge responsibility on their shoulders, to live up to their expectations, Honda Motor Company will launch the New NSX in the 2015.

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