RS models of Range Rover in work

Land Rover is planning to add a few performance oriented cars to its line up in the global market. Hence it is now working to bring some RS tagged Range Rover models into the market. The first Range Rover model to receive this RS tag will be Evoque although Range Rover Sport is also being worked upon.

The first news regarding production of Evoque RS variant came into the market almost a year ago. At that time, Land Rover was occupied coping with the great demand and it was clear that adding newer variants would have not lend a helping hand in meeting their delivery targets. Hence it seems like work on Evoque was at a halt or was being carried out at a very slow pace. It is expected that that the present 2 liter petrol run turbo engine will be upgraded to give a power output of 300 bhp. The new RS tagged Evoque will have a simplified sporty design instead of hardcore aggressive elements including broadened wheel arches and larger wheels as hinted by the chief designer, Chief Gerry McGovern. It is expected that the RS badged Evoque will be launched as the first RS Range Rover internationally. We might even get to see the RS Evoque by the end of this year.

Right now everyone is concentrating on the Range Rover Sports which has been spotted running test drives in Germany in Nurburgring. Range Rover Sport is a luxury SUV manufactured by Land Rover in the year 2005. This first gen model is still present in the market and has received several face lifts since then. This model will be replaced by the 2014 Range Rover Sports which was unveiled in March earlier this year. Range Rover Sports has been one of the most acclaimed Land Rover cars. Now with the use of RS technology, Sports will get even better.

Range Rover RS models
The sources have revealed that RS Sports will have a 5 liter super charged engine having a power output of 542 bhp like the Jaguar XKR, XJR and XFR-S. This is an increase of 39 bhp from the present V8 super charged engine of new Range Rover Sport. The company is designing the car to have a 0 to 100 kmph transition in just 4.5 seconds.

The car will also endorse a great front bumper. The fog lights will be replaced by the new large air intakes. The rear bumper and skid plate will also receive some changes.

Range Rover RS models Back View
The car suspension will also be modified and will see software changes for the air springs and anti roll bars. The car already stands on large wheels with a diameter of 21 inches. So any more enlargement of the wheel is unlikely. The new RS model might see a more powerful braking system.

The Range Rover RS Sport is expected to be launched in the next year after the launch of Range Rover Evoque RS.

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