Honda Reveals Driverless Valet Parking System: Watch Video

‘Driverless cars’ are the words of ‘next-gen’, but trials and errors have already begun from now onwards. Earlier, the Google started this trend and then showed to the world what does it mean actually, now following the traits of it makers like Honda, Volvo, GM and others are doing their bits to prove from their side so. While, they hadn’t reached their complete peak, but are on the verge of reaching some at a nearby spot. Confirming one of them now, the Japanese carmaker Honda went slightly out of the way, and reveals with the help of video on internet that it has developed an ‘automatic valet parking system’, which uses parking lot surveillance cameras to help park cars automatically.

As seen in the video below, the cars mentioned suitable for such parking spaces are of the one that has Honda’s prototype rear parking camera. With the help of it, when vehicle is left in the drop-off area of a parking lot, it collects information about empty spaces available there, and using those bits it shelve itself peacefully. All these action takes place with the co-ordination of parking lot cameras and vehicle’s rear camera. At the last we learnt, it can also pick up its drivers waiting at the drop-off area for returning back home. Hence, this sounds similar to what the Volvo has displayed us sometime before named as ‘Autonomous Parking Concept’.

Honda Reveals Driverless Valet Parking System

The Japanese carmaker says, this above mentioned parking concept is feasible for suburban shopping centers. And hopefully, it could be a reality before/by 2020.

“If a store introduces this system, customers can drop their car off in front of the store, and the car will go to a parking space automatically, in cooperation with the parking lot. Then, when customers come out with all their shopping, they can just wait in front of the store, and the car will come to them. That’s the situation we’re demonstrating here,” said a Honda representative.

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