LaFerrari Caught Testing in Dubai

LaFerrari is one of the most aspiring horse off the Ferrari stable, and it is also the hypercar that is targeted to a number of competitors. In tense, we name Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 to be there taming it in the showrooms. Hence, for the same, Italians seems to be taking none of the chances with it. In order to get the things straight and accurate, LaFerrari is found doing the hot weather testing in Dubai. Though the car was wearing the yellow color paint job and was also donning the temporary number plate. The vehicle then got snapped doing rounds of the city.

Well, we guess, the testing of the Prancing Horse’ hypercar is in the last stage, and after that it would gear towards the productions. To name it now, we learnt, Porsche almost has released the performance data and lap timings of 918 Spyder, while McLaren is just ready to show us what the P1 can do on the Nurburgring. Though, delaying the testing at this moment may prove some fatal injuries to the brand.

LaFerrari Caught Testing in Dubai
But one of our friend on internet said, there the Ferrari maybe waiting for all of them to come out, and then it would competitively released its creation to knock-down them all by knowing their numbers well in advance and then tweaking their Horse as per to it.

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