Honda to Open a New Plant In Japan for Supporting Weak Yen

Japan has been a left-out option on Honda’s list but nowadays it looks that this Japanese carmaker is getting very close with its homeland.

Japan has a big potential in itself but due to the lack of attention from global political lobby and other social aspects, it got shaded away, not exactly but to a limited extent.

However, as of now Honda is claiming to open a production facility in its very own homeland, maybe due to the weakening Yen condition against USD. Building vehicles there for export will prove beneficiary for gaining Yen’s lost grounds in fluctuating derivations. Calculating the compelling trivia, Japanese currency had collapsed by 12% against American dollars in the span of last three months.

Upcoming unit will be located at Yorii which is a small city being tucked at a two hour ride from Tokyo, inclining towards the Northwest direction.

Honda to Open a New Plant In Japan

It is not just only a factory for Yorii government, but a full-fledged course of development in that particular territory. Citing out the numbers one can say that around 3,800 jobs will be generated alone for Yorii’s and nearby residents. Local government is too saying that supplier’s shops and other necessities will be lugging around the industry so that transportation hassle will be minimized on a large scale.

2017 is scheduled to see a full functional Honda plant on its very own ground.

Yearly, 250,000 cars will be rolled-out with ‘Made in Japan’ tag to travel throughout the world in its unmatched quality, like it used to be before. We think so that India may too be benefitted with the new assembling-unit because Sushi-makers are our close neighbor and had also performed well on our pitch.

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