Honda yet again bags a 5 star rating in Euro NCAP

It is a very proud moment for Honda which is credited for making the safest cars. Euro NCAP which stands for European New Car assessment Programme, is a system to rate cars for their safety. Honda’s latest car CR-V has received a 5 star rating by Euro NCAP recently in a crash test. This has made another of Honda’s car the safest in Europe. Prior to this Honda Accord, CR-Z, Insight, Civic and Jazz were awarded with a 5 star rating.

Euro NCAP is a system of studying the safety parameters of a car. This was started in the year 1997 by Transport Research Laboratory. The present assessments are done as per the 2009 guidelines. This system tests a car for all the possible safety issues. Parameters like child safety, driver safety, passenger safety, pedestrian safety etc are analyzed. On the basis of the results of the above tests, a rating out of 5 is given which becomes a simplified indicator for the buyers.

Honda’s latest venture CR-V received a 5 star from NCAP, stating that Honda was and is still the producer of the safest cars in the world. Honda believes in the concept of “Safety for everyone”. This idea is very well seen in the designing of its cars which are consistently being rated as the safest cars.

Honda CR-V Receives 5-star Euro NCAP

Honda CR-V is being manufactured at the Swindon plant. It has received the Earth Dreams Technology. It has a 1.6 i-DTEC engine that is offering a 2 wheel drive. The engine produces a maximum power of 120 PS and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. With a CO2 emission of only 119g/kg, it offers a striking balance between nature and technology. It will be out on sale in Autumn this year.

Some of the features that make it the safest car in Europe are

  1. VSA (vehicle stability assist) with traction control
  2. Electric Power Steering (Motion Adaptive).
  3. ESS – Emergency Stop System..
  4. Advanced compatibility engineering structure
  5. Pedestrian protection.
  6. Advanced driving assist system.
  7. Whiplash Mitigation system.

All these features have together made Honda cars as the safest cars out there. The 5 star rating will surely add to the market value of the soon to be available Honda CR-V.

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