GM India Hoping to Solve Engine Issue by July

Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), earlier this month, found some serious problems in Tavera and Sail models- hatch and saloon. Due to this the sales as well production of these cars are at a halt. It might also lead to the recall of these cars from the market, if the problem is not solved as soon as possible. GM India hopes to reach a solution before July.

ARAI, during a surprise check, observed that there was an emission problem with Tavera’s BS III engine. Tavera BS III is a diesel variant with a fuel capacity of 2.4 litres. ARAI during its checking found that the emission from the engine were out of the acceptable range.

The manufacturer of the Tavera BS III engine, Avtec, has stated that nothing is wrong with its engine. The fault has arisen due to some other component of the vehicle. GM India has already started an investigation to track the source of the fault and if possible will resume the production of Tavera BS III by 1st of July.

GM India Hoping to Solve Engine Issue by July

As far as Sail is concerned, it uses a diesel common rail engine of 1.3 litre capacity. This engine is supplied by Fiat. It has been discovered by ARAI that there is an ignition problem with the Hatch and Saloon variants of Sail, leading to a halt in its production and sale as well. Maruti Suzuki is also one of the automakers who is supplied with the 1.3 Multijet engine by Fiat.

Fiat has stated that it has not received any complaints regarding the engine’s ignition from Maruti Suzuki or any other buyer.

In a press conference, Vice-President of GMI, P. Balendran said “As part of our manufacturing and quality control processes, we have identified a potential emission performance issue with the Tavera BS-III model and a quality issue with the Sail HB & NB diesel variants,” He also said the measures taken are temporary and the production and sales will be resumed soon.

He also has stated that the Tavera BS IV as well as the petrol variants of Sail are not facing any issue. It is very important for GMI to fix these issues as far as Tavera BS III is concerned. 70 to 80 % of its monthly Tavera sales are due to BS III model.

When he was questioned about the recall of the products he avoided the question saying that anything can be decided only after the investigation is over.

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