Hot deals for month of February 2011

We are back with the hot deals for the month of February 2011. It has just been a month since the new year started and car makers are already offering deals to get rid off their existing stocks and to pave the way for new models coming in. Here is the take on few of the models that we found out which were having discounts.


Audi A4: It is a rare sight to hear or to see that Audi India are offering discounts on their cars but then the Audi A4 2.0 TFSI as well as the Audi A4 2.0 TDI are been offered with comprehensive discounts. The amount been offered is a whopping Rs 1 lakh cash discount on both these variants. Other variants step aside, there are no discounts.

Audi A6: If you thought a sum of a lakh rupees was big enough, wait till you read this one. The Audi A6 2.7 TDI is been offered with a flat cash discount of Rs 3 lakhs. Amazing, isn’t it? If you were eyeing that Audi A6 for quite some time but were apprehensive about buying it due to the lack of some loose change, then here is the golden opportunity.


Chevrolet Beat: In lieu of the impending launch of the Beat diesel, General Motors are offering the petrol Beat with a sort of decent cash discount. On any variant of the car, one gets Rs 13,000 cash discount.


Fiat Punto: The Italian car maker is leaving no stone unturned in the quest for reviving its sagging fortunes. Just last month, we had reported that the company was offering free insurance on all the Fiat Punto models. As of February, they have stopped the same and are now offering flat cash discount of Rs 10,000 on all the variants.


Ford Fiesta: Also awaiting a new avatar is the Ford Fiesta. Riding high on the success of its small car, Ford India are all the more eager to drop their new Fiesta in the Indian shores and for the very same reason, the company is offering discounts of Rs 70,000 on the petrol Exi version of this car. This would give the ageing saloon a fresh life before the replacement arrives.


Hyundai I10: The face lifted Hyundai I10 has been topping the charts for quite sometime but then advent of newer rivals mean that Hyundai has to resort to the discounts option for its car. Currently dealers in Mumbai are offering a flat cash discount of Rs 15,000 across all variants of this car whereas the exchange scheme ensures that you get additional Rs 15,000 off on this car.


Mahindra Xylo: The very competent MUV gets a quirky offer. If any Mahindra dealer has a 2010 model at hand, one would be entitled for a Rs 30,000 free insurance whereas if the model in question is a 2011 one, then the discount would be half meaning only Rs 15,000. If you plan on exchanging your current car at the Mahindra dealership, then you bag an additional Rs 10,000 in the form of exchange bonus. So its your luck whether you get a 2010 one or a 2011 model.


Maruti Ritz: Maruti Suzuki India Limited are currently offering Rs 18,000 cash discount on any variant of the Maruti Ritz. The sole reason been that customers are attracted to newer offerings from rivals. Moreover, if one plans to exchange their existing car at the True Value outlet, then they can avail of an additional Rs 12,000 exchange bonus. Fantastic savings considering that the car is very good.


Mercedes C-Class: Close on the heels of been declared as number one in sales for the month of January, amongst luxury car makers in India, Mercedes India are offering upto Rs 50,000 cash discount on Mercedes C220 CDI as well as the Mercedes C250 CDI variants. Moreover insurance on these cars is also been offered at a discounted price. The savings from insurance amount upto Rs 30,000. So a total of Rs 80,000 in savings, if you are looking to buy a Mercedes C-Class that is.


Tata Sumo Grande: The slightly up-market work horse from Tata Motors, the Tata Sumo Grande didn’t quite cut the mustard with the UV buying public. So in a bid to give new life to this car, Tata Motors are offering Rs 15,000 cash on all the variants of this MUV. A joke been said is that the dealers are also ready to part with floor mats as well as car perfume, that is only if you are insistent enough.

Volvo Motors

Volvo S80: We know that buying a Volvo car would be the last thing on any car buyers list. But then if you belong to that 9 % who think about buying a Volvo car as the first option, then here is a good news for you. Volvo Motors are currently offering a cash discount of upto Rs 2 lakhs on their flagship car, the Volvo S80. But there is a catch to this. This discount is been offered only on the diesel variant and not on the 4.4 liter V8 turbo petrol.

That’s it for now folks. Please await for new developments till next month.

This article is regarding the discounts currently offered on Indian cars for the month of February 2011.

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