How to get the international driving licence

As the name suggests International Driving Licence gives you the permit to drive a private vehicle in any part of the globe. But wait, there is a twist in this statement, which is, in order to drive the vehicle in any part of the globe, you should posses the local driving licence of your own country also along with the international driving permit. Plus this permit is valid for only one year. So, don’t go overboard thinking that you’ll make one for yourself now itself. Anyways, there is a lot of stuff involved in it. Many steps, many problems… oh and how can I forget, since our very government is involved in the process, you should not expect it to be on time until and unless you know what are the steps involved and everything about it. So, here I offer you what you are trying to find out from quite a long time. This article is done actually on the request of one of our readers.

Wait first let me clear out few things. Though, the heading of this article might suggest you that it is a driving licence, I would say that it is rather a permit which gives you a permission to drive the private vehicle in any country but for a specified time period of 1 year. This document (yes that’s what I like to call it) is almost like a passport but slightly bigger in size. It will generally have a multiple translation of the information provided on your licence. Also, let me clear the air that there might be many countries that accept this international driving permit, there are some exceptions too. For those countries that accept it, they formulate it under the American Automobile Association, American Automobile Touring Alliance’s National Automobile Club and also their respective Governments.

Now, there may be many benefits of this international driving permit, but then the whole process is so frustrating in itself that you cannot think about anything else. So, go on read this whole article and know for you that how can you make it easier for you.

Getting ready:

Keep your document handy and make plenty of photocopies beforehand. Also try and do the attestation of the same because you never know what they might bring trouble with and with ‘they’ I mean, you know who I’m taking about don’t you? So here is the list of the documents that you should check beforehand and do the needful.

  • Valid driver licence.
  • Plenty of passport size photograph (5 to say the least).
  • Valid PAN card.
  • Valid Visa
  • Valid passport
  • Medical Form, and the most important
  • International driving permit application

* You can take the printout of the medical 1A form from the link provided here.


The execution:

So you checked all your documents and made the required number of photocopies. You even completed the attestation of the documents. Good. But wait before you can receive the appreciation pat on your back. Now, the execution time has come. So start it with filling up of forms. Make sure your medical form is also complete and take the sign and stamp of the doctor you went to. Go to the Delhi Transport Headquarter between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and submit your documents and the fees charged which is Rs 200.

Here is the address of the Delhi Transport Headquarter:

International Driving Licence Unit,
Transport Department (HQ) 1st floor,
5/9 Under Hill Road,

The Battle:

Now, this is where the fun starts. Keep your counter arguments ready in case you think they will ask you something. Be on time and do all the needful before hand, so that they won’t have anything to complain about. Be polite and gentle and if you have any doubts ask them immediately before leaving. Since, you have all the documents ready, there won’t be any trouble but still you have to run a little bit as they might be delaying the dates. Also, don’t forget to tell them that it is really important for you to get the international driving permit on the specified date.

Hope you don’t have to run much. Anyways on the positive side, the people in there are really sweet. They will ask you your purpose of leaving and all the stuff, so, don’t think that they are cross checking you. It is just that even they are bored sitting in the office all day and besides, it is such a nice way of treating the needy… lol. I’m saying all that because of my own experience, I got it the other day because I was late. I mean I went there at post 2 o’clock as far as I remember. So I guess there’s a possibility that you can even get on the same day. So, my last advice would be keep everything handy and be on time.

3 thoughts on “How to get the international driving licence

  1. could it b possible to make international driving permit without having indian driving license, rest all document is ready. Reply me soon as bcoz my visa is ready. i belong to west bengal.

    1. Unfortunately for an international driving permit, a local or rather in your case, an Indian driving license is a must requirement.

  2. Is it necessary to have air ticket to get International Driving Permit? Is it same procedure and documents for Gujarat RTO? My wife got license from Karnataka state…. Can she take International Driving Permit from gujarat?

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