How to program BMW’s Navigation system to avoid certain areas on route

As been known, driving is a sheer pleasure in Europe with the class-defining roads, and end number of technology embedded in the car. This time we had came up with the new sort of know-how that some of us maybe wondering how to do it if find helping themselves without the proper know-how guide. It’s none other than getting addressed of learning “how to avoid certain areas on BMW’s navigation system”. Though, it is of more usage in India rather than being in most of the European countries, as India is facing the dig-pits every now and then, the Europeans do the same in a systematic way to avoid congestion in traffic-flow. However, we find it of great utility in this Western continent too.

Though once out for an event in the morning, we were bestowed with the information by a local source that some of the roads on our route maybe blocked due to the maintenance work, expected to be carried out on one of them. But despite this indication, and also because some of our Indian-type attitude, we didn’t took it so seriously. Finally it was Europe! And as one knows what penalty it has to be paid for not following the driving rule there. Without any doubts we were trapped in the road-block cluster there. Need not to worry, it wasn’t there some of the legal suites or traffic police woes which we were dwindling with; instead it was the jam that had been counted to our way for some hours due to our negligience. Disappointingly, we messed up with ourselves in that thronging traffic jam and (without a second thought) missed the event too. From that time, we learnt that most of the BMW users deploy an action on their navigation system to avoid that street/road on the route which is being harnessed by the maintenance work or other miscreant if got known in advance. Hopefully, one too can avoid it if they had taken a loan from a person, and doesn’t wanted to cross him again in the life, i.e. simply for not paying his dues. Well, another example for it is also the one’s ex-girlfriend. Listed below are the conclusions what we had derived after watching this video.

How to program BMW's Navigation system to avoid certain areas on route

Go to the iDrive first, as what one will usually do, and then select the Navigation menu from the given list. ‘Route Preferences’ is the next option that one is required to choose from the further course of option, and then finally select the “Areas to avoid” for the further set of actions to be sanctioned.

After selecting the said tab, now you are landed on the map where it is needed to scroll to the particular area that is needed to be barred from the driving route. And after reaching to the desired spot press the selection by taking to the cursor to the center of the area which has to be avoided.

Now you had done the job, and to make you sure that same area will be shown in the “Areas to be avoided” context the next time you visit that spot. And need not be striking the fumble session, one can deactivate it also easily by that same process.

But finally be careful while selecting the boundaries of the ‘area selection’ temperament, and if selected a Highway in that clutter, the system may tend to write-off the highways which you are not intended of as well.

Watch the video for getting yourselves a brief description about it.

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