Hyundai all set to launch facelifted i20

Ever since Hyundai launched its i10 in India, it has created frenzy amongst the middle class people. i10 has received accolades from all across India and has been honored with the best car of the year as well. Soon the advanced version of i10 was launched in the market known as i20 considered as one of the most preferable hatchbacks of its segment. The diesel variant of Hyundai i20 received surplus demands as the petrol prices sky-rocketed in the country and thus people chose diesel cars over petrol cars.

Thus Hyundai decided to upgrade i20 and set up a benchmark for other hatchback cars of its class. The upcoming Hyundai i20 will redefine the performance offered by the present i20 on a large scale and comfort level. Hyundai will shortly unveil its all new i20 in March at the prestigious Geneva Motor show, 2012. March and April are the months slated for the release of this mean machine in India as they feel it is just the right time to launch this segment on the Indian roads. The car has been well tested keeping in mind precisely all the factors which could hinder the motion of the car and its functioning. This time the design of i20 has been made into fluidic which is bound to embark a perfect makeover to the car’s looks. Ergonomically Hyundai has made many changes in the car’s core components in order to maximize the performance and give that extra boost of thrust, power and torque.

Hyundai all set to launch facelifted i20

Now the Hyundai i20 will be coming in four different variants two of which are petrol engine of 1.2 L and 1.4 L respectively whereas the third one is its diesel engine variant having a cylinder with a capacity of 1.4 L. The gearboxes have also been given a facelift along with the engine of the car. There are many variants of i20 lined up and Hyundai plans to launch them strategically in the beaming Indian automobile market. Apparently reports are there that Hyundai has a pretty highly developed and sophisticated version of i20 under hammer right now which has been named IB. So now is the time when Hyundai is making the new i20 go through rigorous tests and once all the functionalities are checked and given a go-ahead, Hyundai will unleash the marvel onto the Indian roads.

Fuel efficiency is the prime factor that Hyundai has on its mind and thus the all new i20 has been manufactured in such a manner so as to enhance the mileage more than that of the present i20. On the other hand the diesel variant of new i20 promises an appreciable mileage more than the usual 23kmpl given by i20 right now. The new variant will release lesser emissions and thus keeping in mind the environment standards prescribed, it will be meeting all the emission standards.

Thus launching the new Hyundai i20 along with the refurbished and upgraded i10 will help in shooting up the market presence of Hyundai in the India.

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