Hyundai and Toyota selling well despite a drop in overall sales

It’s a well-known fact that car makers and the Indian car market are facing a crisis due to a downward trend in the sales of cars, especially the last few months being particularly bad. There’s always a victor when there’s a crisis. There are car manufacturers that have been doing exceptionally well in selling their cars, and due to high demands, not able to fulfil them accordingly. We are talking about the Korean manufacturers, Hyundai. Their Fluidic Verna that was launched earlier in May has many waiting to be bought home soon. The pretty badly hit economy crisis around the world could be a factor contributing to car sales skidding down, but the rise in interest and fuel rates most notably petrol recently has allowed diesel variants to be the most sought out cars at the moment.

Hyundai presently manufactures 4000 of Fluidic Verna in a month, but still finding it hard to meet rising demands in the market. Director, Arvind Saxena, Sales and Marketing, Hyundai India says the company is not accepting bookings for Verna as wait period has substantially gone up. He says the waiting period differs for different variants between one and eight months, and they still had a backlog of 20,000 cars to settle.

Hyundai Fluidic VernaLikewise, diesel variants of Toyota’s Altis and Innova have a wait period of four and two months. Deputy MD, Sandeep Singh, Toyota Kirloskar, told their cars had been doing exceptionally well despite high fuel prices and interest rates and sees no impact on their cars currently. Sandeep says their older Corolla and Innova too were in great demand and have a waiting period for delivery.

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