Hyundai Creta India Launch On June 21, 2015

Hyundai, very serious about the compact SUV had decided to launch the vehicle in India on June 21, 2015, which is quite 2 months ahead of the stated plan. It even claimed to commence the production of same on June 20 in India at its manufacturing facility in Chennai.

The Korean carmaker had gone too extensive about the model and just renamed it Creta for the Indian and followed by rest of international market; and also planned to cut its length at 4.2-metres and stack it against the likes of Mahindra Scorpio, Renault others and other of this same category.

Hyundai Creta India Launch

There is a fair chance Hyundai Creta will attract the buyers for no lesser than Rs 8 lakh, which will provide it a position in the segment above mass movers. However, it seems, the rival Maruti too is adapting to scale the graph in the same segment that is above than the hatchbacks, most probably around one million INR on-road priced cars. Thus, after their impressive presence in the mass markets both makers seems to come head-to-head in this segment with Maruti soon launching the S-Cross in India.

Hyundai Creta on its technical aspect will offer the buyers a drivetrain of 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engine, both mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox at the moment. The AMT rumours aren’t ruled out completely, so one can expect the easy-shift to make a debut at the later stage, and that too only with the petrol.

Hence, a one can see shuffle in the positions of model present in the segment since long back due to the launch of new Hyundai compact SUV, followed by Maruti S-Cross. But above all, both of them lack experiences of this pricing point, which is bound to make the competition very serious out there, especially for the Duster and Nissan Terrano, because Mahindra had its own league of buyers for selling the Scorpio.

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