Hyundai ix35 could be the latest Tucson for Indian markets

The Tucson SUV from Hyundai India is a vehicle that has faded from the memories of people in this country. If a feedback is honestly conducted, it is bound to reflect that a majority of Indians will not even be aware that such a vehicle ever existed in the market. This, however, does not dilute the fact that this SUV definitely exists and that the auto manufacturer could be bringing out a revamped variant of the same. However, the question that is now reigning on the minds of all auto lovers is whether the ix35 model from Hyundai is the latest version of its estranged SUV, the Hyundai Tucson. If the answer to this is in the affirmative, then Hyundai definitely deserves a lot of appreciation. This is because the latest variant is a treat to the eyes and looks like a vehicle that has the capability of endearing itself to every auto lover.

Hyundai ix35 could be the latest Tucson for Indian marketsHyundai has gone for an all-new original ‘fluidic’ design for its vehicles in recent times – the result is that both the Hyundai Verna and the Hyundai Eon have created a mesmerizing effect in terms of their designs. The latest variant of the Hyundai Tucson (if we can dare call the ix35 by this name) incorporates the same design concept. Great work has been put into the car interiors and it has been given a more up market look thanks to the loads of features that have been incorporated to provide comfort to the users. However, the biggest scoring feature of this SUV pertains to its safety. The car has been filled with a number of airbags that not only take care of the safety aspects of front passengers, but also provide safeguard to the rear passengers against side-long impacts. This new SUV has also been provided with the latest active as well as passive measures of safety including the highly advanced hill descent controlling feature. All these features help the car in establishing a new benchmark as far as the safety parameter goes.

Hyundai ix35 could be the latest Tucson for Indian marketsPower to the Hyundai Tucson had been in the form of a 2.0L capacity diesel engine. Tweaking of this very engine has been done to ensure that it can deliver a remarkable performance. The outgoing variant had maximum power and peak torque restricted at 112PS and 245Nm respectively. Tweaking the engine has ensured that this has gone up to the levels of 177PS maximum power and 343Nm of peak torque. Fuel efficiency of the erstwhile variant had been a great disappointment but this factor is more than likely to improve in the newer model. As per as the pricing of the new variant goes, auto experts feel that Hyundai might keep the pricing between Rs.15 lakh and Rs.18 lakh for its latest Hyundai Tucson or should we say the Hyundai ix35?

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