Skoda VisionD Concept New Images Unveiled

A fresh lot of images have been released by Skoda of what it calls the Skoda VisionD concept, which was first unveiled at a motor show in Geneva this year in March. On closer inspection, it is reflected that this VisionD has distinct similarities to the MissionL concept. The auto manufacturer from Czech Republic showcased this latest concept again at a motor show in September in Frankfurt, Germany. One needs to understand the role played by concept cars for its manufacturer. The whole idea behind bringing out concept cars by a car manufacturer is to give an idea to its consumers on the future range of vehicles they are going to be provided with.

Skoda VisionD Concept New Images UnveiledIf one can trust the prevailing rumors, this Skoda VisionD concept might also be developed into a hatchback along with its sedan version and is going to be placed at a lower level than the Skoda Superb in the pricing tree. As far as the identified time frame is concerned, it is expected that the tentative launch period of this vehicle is towards the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. An analysis of the pictures of this Skoda VisionD concept from Skoda seems to provide an idea on what can be expected from future cars of the manufacturer. Starting with its exteriors, a new outlook of Skoda cars is exhibited by this Skoda VisionD concept with precision in look and design. Undoubtedly, the head turner among all the features is its sharp headlights. Skoda has however retained its traditional wing-shaped grille.

Skoda VisionD Concept New Images UnveiledLED lamps provided in its tail lights are C-shaped, which makes it eye-catching. But, the actual surprise awaits you inside the car. The interiors are definitely going to leave you spell bound. The most attention is drawn by its central console with its features being laid out in an attractive manner. Though a variety of features have been provided, the console never looks clogged as a touchscreen pad provided to the console takes care of most of the operations. Behind its power steering, the vehicle’s instrument cluster has also been neatly placed and protected by clear glass, thereby allowing the driver to check on all its readings without any hindrance. Indian consumers will definitely be more than willing to wait a year or two for new models from Skoda if these vehicles are lined up in such an impressive manner by the manufacturer.

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