Hyundai launches ‘Live Brilliant’ campaign worldwide

The South Korean auto giant, Hyundai Motors, has started a one-of-a-kind promotional campaign for its brand in the world automobile market called ‘Live Brilliant’. Through this fresh campaign the firm targets to be the number one car manufacturer among the car aficionados of the world. This is an advertisement based strategy of the company, where it would come up with four 60 seconds or 30 seconds commercials for the television.  This will be the first worldwide launch of Hyundai’s campaign of such magnitude. From this month onwards the company will start off with a series of print type advertisements and television commercials in its major markets throughout the world, which will include the regions of North America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Previously in the year 2011 the firm had launched ‘New Thinking, new Possibilities’ campaign, which went through all the major markets of the company. Now this year, the firm targets to be recognized as a premium brand which creates values for drivers which are new and not only for the vehicle manufacturer.

Hyundai launches 'Live Brilliant' campaign worldwide
With a good line-up of petrol and diesel vehicles, it has also put its foot into the hybrid cars.Thus this campaign will benefit the firm in multiple ways, ranging from spreading the product awareness to making it reach its customers much more efficiently.

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