2013 Avalon of Toyota unveiled at the New York Auto Show

Considered as the flotilla leader of Toyota’s mid-size sedans, the 2013 Avalon by the Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota has been introduced at the 2012 New York Auto Show, which is happening in the United States right now. This fourth generation of Toyota’s big and fancy sedan has gone through the evolution of its previous nine models that came up in the previous years. Even Bob Carter, who is the overall head of the Toyota’s American subsidiary, couldn’t stop himself from commenting that even he has never seen such a beautiful car of Toyota in his 20 years of association with the Japanese firm.  This mid-size sedan will definitely attract a huge fan following and the sale should be very good.

It is a very closely guarded secret that Avalon is Toyota’s first all-American car. This has been designed in California, engineered in Michigan and built in Kentucky, while the sales and service for this car would be carried out throughout the United States. This makes it a lot more American than any other cars by foreign car manufacturing firms who often manufacture their units in Canada or Mexico. Many people have started comparing it with Toyota’s Buick, but the Buick has upgraded itself commendably over the past couple of years, and this should be seen as a compliment for 2013 Avalon.

2013 Toyota Avalon

The details of the powertrain for the new Avalon is not clear at all, but sources say that it would give a better mile per gallon compared to a Fiat 500 which comes with a fuel efficiency in the city driving condition for 30 miles per gallon and on the highway for 38 miles per gallon. The Avalon, which came till now were powered by V-6, 3.5-liter engine.According to sources from inside the company, the 2013 model would definitely see a V6, but it has not been made clear what would be the displacement of the engine as well as the power and torque figure.

The new model has undoubtedly new looks of a more lower height from the tire to the body, with constricted rear and front overhangs and a front frame which is now extended. The length has increased but the height has reduced in comparison to the previous models.  The sloping roofline gives it a more classy kind of look which is attractive indeed. The front grille is redesigned and the tail lamps has LED lights fitted with the double rear exhaust pipe outlets give it a race car look from the back.

2013 Toyota Avalon

The interior of this sedan clearly exhibit an attempt to give its passengers a more spacious and premium feel of a royalty when they get into it. The noise intervention inside the cabin is greatly reduced by the acoustic glass on the front-side and the windshield. The leather upholstery is pretty rich in its texture and feel, even the gear shift knob and steering wheels are leather draped to show off what the luxury Avalon stands for. This is a very tech-savvy sedan, which has three color display screens to handle the multi-information system display from audio navigation interface to climate control panel.A 6.1-inch touchscreen for entertainment has been also installed in it by the firm. The safety features in this vehicle are simply state-of-the-art. The TRAC (traction control), ABS (anti-lock braking system),SST-BOS (smart stop technology brake-override system), brake-assist, EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) and VSC (vehicle stability control) are the main features of this new age sedan.

The current models of Avalon start from $34,000. So the latest 2013 Avalon should be somewhere around that and at the same time it is not suppose to step on the toes of Lexus as well. With speculations of its appearance in the dealerships across America by this year end, expect the price to be declared only then.

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