Hyundai Motor India records a hike of only 0.57%

With the end of June, all the automobile companies have revealed their monthly performance reports. The market analysts are going wild in deciding the leading brands. Earlier the facts revealed that Mahindra & Mahindra is running in losses with a decrease of 8% in their monthly sales as compared to last year. Honda Cars India Limited have performed exceptionally well with an increase of an astounding 248% in June this year. Talking about Hyundai Motors India, the monthly performance sheet has revealed that last year they had sold a total of 54,354 units (domestic + exports) while this year June sales were 54,667 units, giving them a growth of only a 0.57% this year. This almost makes its stable with neither significant gain nor loss.

Indian market is not in the best shape these days. The continuous downfall of the Indian Rupee makes business all the more difficult. In all this, Hyundai has managed to remain stable. In June this year, Hyundai achieved total domestic sales of 30,610 units while total sales last year in June were 30,450 units. This gives them a hike of only 0.52% this year in the home market.

The company exports have also seen a marginal rise. Last year in June, Hyundai had exported a total of 23,904 units while this June they exported a total of 24,057 units. This gives them a hike of 0.64% in the exports.

Hyundai Motor

Briefing about the monthly performance, Senior Vice President of market and sales, Hyundai Motors India, Mr. Rakesh Srivastava has said that “In these challenging times of industry de-growth, Hyundai has grown in volumes and market share on the strength of a strong product portfolio and customer focus of its channel partners”.

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