Have You Ever Seen Lamborghini Jumping?

Yeah, we know most of you hadn’t. But what if we tell you people around the world are making their super Italian bug jump, despite knowing the fact that they may have to bear those heavy servicing bills after this event.

Well, sounding too easy to make a car jump off the platform, but when comes to performing in action then it is not that swift to be usurped down your throat in the easiest form. Not to be discussed more theoretically on this, but we had found a picture on the internet which says a lot on the respective plethora.

Here in this adjacent image, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superlegerra is made to jump off the platform, and where this action had place is still not made known. Photo shows the landing position of car, so we aren’t able to extract more extravaganzas out of it. But here we say, the image is so aggressive in itself that one can even feels the cranking and bursting sound of the engine, isn’t it!

Lamborghini Jumping

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