Hyundai Motor Opens World’s First Advanced ‘Workshop Automation’ For Customer Service

Hyundai Motor Opens World’s First Advanced ‘Workshop Automation’ For Customer Service

There seems no match to the speed at which the Hyundai Motor Company is growing, where landed one such example of the same, here is what the Korean carmaker had introduced world’s first own developed ‘Workshop Automation’ service system.

“With the ‘Workshop Automation’ service system, Hyundai Motor Company will provide unique IT service system offering customers new service experience which will elevate the brand image as well. We will also contribute greatly to customers by continuously improving its overall quality of service through state-of-the-art digital technology” said KangRae Lee, Head of the International Service Division of Hyundai Motor Company.

With this system the Hyundai Motor Company is aiming to achieve more customer satisfaction amongst the line of competitors. As per to official words of the company, the Hyundai customers will be informed of their vehicle’s repair status via tablet PC devices. They would also be able to access real-time information through Kiosk in customer lounges.

Hyundai Motor Opens World’s First Advanced 'Workshop Automation' For Customer Service

In total, the company had prepared 12 modules which are developed as per the conditions of the countries it is proposed to, that includes automatic license plate recognition system, car inspections, real-time maintenance fee estimation and repairmen schedule managements. It is said to aid the global aftersales networks of Hyundai Motor for building up an optimized service system based on conditions of each country.

Starting from Turkey end of last year, Hyundai Motor will apply the new ‘Workshop Automation’ to all global Hyundai workshops as well as 17 countries including India, Russia, Australia and Mexico this year.

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