Nissan Opens New Plant In Thailand

Nissan’s acquaintance in Asia may be getting over and above, and that’s why the Japanese carmaker opened its new manufacturing plant in Thailand. The plant will produce NP300 Navara, Nissan’s new generation pickup, which will be exported to 45 countries around the world. And Thailand poses as a key country to facilitate the growth in Asia.

Nissan has already invested 3.7 billion Thai Baht in the 580,000 square meter facility, bringing with it 2,000 new job opportunities. Full production capacity is expected to reach 150,000 units per annum.

“Thailand is the engine of growth for us in the region, so we’re excited to be opening this second plant today that will produce our latest pickup”, said Fumiaki Matsumoto, Nissan’s Executive Vice President responsible for global manufacturing. “It signifies our optimism for Thailand, as a growing automotive market, a center of manufacturing excellence for the region and an export hub for the world.”

Nissan Opens New Plant In Thailand

Most of the vehicles that are going to be produced at this facility will be exported around the globe, whereas the localization ratio of vehicles produced is already at 85 percent, including the engine plant.

In addition, Nissan too has invested 162 million Thai Baht in the new plant’s zero discharge program, and will recycle all industrial wastewater through the Reverse Osmosis (RO) process.

The new plant will increase Nissan’s production capacity in Thailand to 370,000 units.

“The NP300 Navara is our most durable pickup, integrating the best of Nissan’s technological know-how, design skills and 80 years of pickup production experience. With features such as LED projector headlamps with daytime running lights and the new 2.5L YD engine, I am confident this is going to be a popular model and will be our growth pillar in the region,” said Takao Katagiri, Nissan’s Executive Vice President responsible for Asia, Oceania and Japan businesses.

The production activity of manufacturing bay kicked off on July 1 with first NP300 Navara pickup rolled off the line on the same day. Sales began on July 3. Two versions are available: King Cab and Double Cab. The price of the King Cab ranges from 575,000 to 842,000 Thai Baht, while the price for the Double Cab version ranges from 656,000 to 996,000 Thai Baht. The delivery will begin in mid-August.

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