Hyundai Santro Goes on Sale in Pakistan for Limited Period

That’s right; the Hyundai Santro goes on sale in Pakistan for a limited time, reads an ad of the Pakistan’s newspaper.

Researching it in grave detail, it lent us, Santro which will be sold there for the coming days is not the Xing trims of the badge, but it is the one called ZipDrive with clear head and tail lamps that we Indians used to drive ages back.

Dewan Motors, the manufacturer of Hyundai cars is reported to have only a few hundred kits of the Santro (the Santro in Pakistan is made from CKD kits) which it has now assembled at its Sujawal plant.

Hyundai Santro Goes on Sale in Pakistan for Limited Period

Though, it can be guessed the Pakistan-spec Santro is slightly different than our locally manufactured with regards to front grille and some other tweaks. Under the hoods, the differentiation continues with a 1.0-liter four-cylinder Epsilon engine producing 61 hp and matched to a 5-speed manual transmission, where in India a 1.1-liter engine is used.

It isn’t a surprise the Santro is almost 16 years old for Indians, and Hyundai thus manages to cruise a sale of 3,300 units every month, where we guessed all efforts done by the road and traffic authority of Mumbai of deceasing the old modeled Fiat Padmini and replacing them with the ones from Maruti and Santro at the cheapest.

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