Hyundai Sets up a New Test Centre at Nurburgring: Germans be Careful

Nurburgring of Germany is the famous name in automotive industry as it puts the world’s toughest strain on a car during test drives, most probably for those who are going in the arena of sports car fraternity. Till date only the best are known to be qualifying this track, which is quite true. Here as a common trend, for capturing most of the time slots, carmakers had built up a R&D centre inside the track area itself, which now the Germans are seeing a new setup coming up at one of the spots there. And that particular setup belongs to none other than “Hyundai”. The carmaker who had hailed from Korea with not-so-heavy-bunch of expectation is now ruling the industry of automobiles, just had made to fourth position as per the recently released sales reports.

Talking about the structure, it is still under construction, but the remaining work is said to be completed till August 2013. Standing tall on all the aspects, racetrack based R&D centre will stack up four floors of construction, with glass framing for most of the portions on building, and also a well hospitalized area to entertain VIPs during their visits, said to be its major physical image setter there.

New Hyundai test centre at the Nurburgring
With the entire things in place, Hyundai is set take on unconquered markets under a systematic approach via this centre. Commenting on this development, Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, said, “Quality is one of Hyundai’s core values and it is key to achieving customer satisfaction.  The Nurburgring is the ultimate location to test vehicle durability, and we’re able to apply what we learn there to all of our vehicle development projects”. He further added “Our new facility will increase our testing capacity, bringing direct benefits to our customers in terms of vehicle quality and performance.”

Hyundai too had managed to set the bar of 180,000 kms test runs for the span of several weeks’ tests. Hence, now the quality, style, ride, handling and durability will definitely tick in the boxes of check list for every Hyundai customers and drivers.

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