Street Legal Audi R8 GT3 Facelift Spotted Testing

In the very short span of time whole line of Audi had been given down with a revamp, not even excluding the flagship R8. Talking about the R8 it was revealed that Audi had made it available in the number of options. Introducing the latest i.e. R8 V10 Plus for many markets of the world, Germans had disappointingly abolished the R8 GT from product list. However, the GT model was said to be built in the limited numbers of 333 itself which moreover hadn’t ignited that amount of aspirations from the market that was desired by the makers. Hence, Audi was then compelled to roll it up from the sleeves of fraternity in order to concentrate on further course of action.

With the whip of time and again, a recent spy shot from the Nurburgring had conveyed, a new sort of Audi R8 was seen testing on the track that too in a facelift avatar. However, the bespoken model seems being the street legal version of “GT 3 racer” doing rounds to get the perfection from oodles of weight, so as to reach the production bay sooner than possible.

Audi R8 GT3 Facelift Spotted Testing
Seen in images, the newly added chin spoiler, winglets on front quarter panel and also a couple of aerodynamic here and there makes it a beautifully carved out super German metal from front. Being at rear, a lip spoiler and a ‘huge wing’ tends it to be drawn straight in line with the extreme tyre burning bugs. All of the new tweaks are speculated to be built from the carbon fiber.

Sneak peek of inside had enticed us with the rollcage and a racing-inspired harness belt for the driver as well passenger. However, generously sized wheels also make it to cover the screechy stretch of kilometers with ease.

Audi R8 GT3 Facelift Spotted Testing Back View

Meanwhile, till the R8 V10 Plus is doing well on the sales report we think Audi would not make the announcement for a new one, which we hopefully can say would find a gap in the mid of next year. Lest, mentioning the technical at end, we expect a 575-600 hp derivation from the engine of new R8 otherwise the GT3 badge wouldn’t make any sensible compliment on such adrenaline packed newbie, most probably when compared with the outgoing R8 V10 Plus.

Image Courtesy: Autoevolution.

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