India First Car Safe Godrej Motormate Review: Doesn’t that Sound Safe?

Days back we reported about the Godrej launched India’s first car safe Motormate with a price of Rs 2,499. The increasing number of car thefts alarmed the brand to do so; therefore we decided to check how it fares in the real life. And one of our representatives went to the showroom to explore the said. Here is a brief account of the same…

The Godrej Motormate car safe measures 8.3” x 6” x 2.7” and weighs 1.38 kgs, which means a size bigger than DSLR camera in terms of volume and density. Though, enormous amount of space can be guaranteed for wallet, mobile phones credit cards, keys, cash, and not to forget the detachable car stereo too. It has a soft casing inside to protect the equipments from getting damaged.

Despite all such safety measures, the safe is designed keeping in mind the need of electronics getting charged on the go, and the designers had left a slight space to let the wires pass through the case for charging of mobiles, cameras and such.

Motormate car safe

Those who are thinking the glove box is better than the Motormate. Let’s explain. The Godrej car safe is portable and it can be hidden inside the cabin anywhere, maybe under the seats, or in the boot etc, which makes the thief to break the glove box that is fixed at a spot, but return empty handed of no finding anything had stored the valuables in the Godrej safe. The mechanical key lock and a steel cable enable it to go easier on aesthetical advantage.

Hopefully, a sum of Rs 2,499 is not a huge bask for the metal case that is meant to safeguard the valuables when you are away from the car, while in the parking lot, shopping and else. So letting the wallet string untied for Motormate is not worthy to worry about in our review. It is made available across all the Godrej accessory solutions outlet, car accessory shops and online portal too.

Godrej launches Motormate car safe

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