Infiniti brand coming to India

Nissan Motors which recently hiked the price of its Micra hatchback have got a new ace up its sleeve and that is bringing in the Infiniti brand to India. Well if the name doesn’t ring any bells, then let us remind you that Infiniti is the luxury arm of Nissan Motors much like what Acura is for Honda and Lexus is for Toyota. However according to sources, instead of going ahead with the Hover Group with which Nissan has a tie up, Infiniti would be brought into India via the Shreyans group. With the Infiniti brand coming into Shreyans kitty, it makes the tally a cool total of 5 luxury brands under the Shreyans umbrella. The brands are Maserati, Ducati, Porsche, Ferrari and now Infiniti. As of now, the date of launch of Infiniti in India is not yet decided but Nissan are very much sure that they would definitely have an headsup on arch rival Toyota. Toyota were supposed to bring in the Lexus brand to India a good 2 years back however the company seems to be keeping mum on the same.

As far as the Infiniti portfolio for India goes, it would include the likes of the Mercedes C-class, Audi A4 and BMW 3 series rivaling G series saloon while the 5 series, A6 and E class competitor would be the M series. Then comes the turn of the SUVs and Infiniti has got the very capable EX, FX and also the QX series. As and when the launch of the Infiniti brand is confirmed in India, we would update you about it.

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