Indiandrives car advisor – Part 1

Well, I am sure that most of you would be confused on seeing the different warning icons lighting up in your car’s dashboard. Even I was earlier on in my career but not so anymore. So as an Indiandrives initiative, I have actually listed out a few of the usual icons that we see on a car’s dashboard. Most of the times, the icons inside the car’s dashboard are color coded for easy recognition to differentiate if it’s a grave problem or not. This is just the Part 1 of the series and I would follow up with the Part 2 shortly.

When you start the car, the first thing that the car’s onboard computer will do is run a full check and if everything is fine, it will turn off the lights of all the icons one by one. The first dangerous light sensor is the engine warning light. If it stays on, then it means that there is a problem with the engine. If you are driving and this light flashes on, then immediately slow down. You can drive slowly to the nearest service station if this light stays on constantly at a yellow color. If this yellow light turns into a red, there is no other option but to switch off the car’s engine and pull over. Get the car towed to the service center and ascertain the problem.

Battery charge – This indicator lights up initially during the check but then later on, it should disappear once the car is in motion. If the battery icon stays on at a constant amber color, it means that the battery level is low and the battery needs to be charged however if it hits a red color, then it is advisable to get the battery charged at the nearest service station or battery charging place.

Seatbelt – Most of the modern day cars come with a seatbelt icon indicator on the display. Some display it for all the occupants whereas others display it only for the driver. It remains a constant red color if the driver repeatedly ignores the warning. Some cars like Volvo even gently chide the driver reminding him to wear the seatbelt at the earliest.

Oil Level – This is indicated by a container with a drop ejecting out of it. Even after the car being in motion for some time, if this light stays put, it means that the engine oil level is low and it needs to be refilled immediately. However even after refilling it, if the oil indicator remains on, then turn off the engine and get the car checked at an authorized service center.

Door ajar – This warning light may or may not be available in all cars. It is more like a portrait of the car would show on the display with all the doors open. Do ensure that all the doors including the boot are properly closed. Some cars even given audio reminders about the doors being open.

Glow plug – This ancient feature was found in earlier diesel engines. If the engine management system as a whole encounters any problem, then this warning light comes up. Initially when one turns on the ignition, this plug glows and it warms up the engine before one can fire the ignition. If it still remains on even after the car is in motion, then it means that the engine is not running with its peak efficiency.

Hazard lights –
This is something which the driver or co-passenger has to activate manually. If in case, one meets with an accident or even if there is something for which you need to pull at the side of a road, then turn on this lights. This indicates to the oncoming traffic that either your car has met with a problem or that you are in some trouble.

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