Innovations guaranteed to make driving a real pleasure in future

To many, driving might seem like a chore but for the enthusiasts, it is always an opportunity to slip away from the mundane daily chores or stuff. Some derive greater pleasure out of driving and some out of riding. Overall, its either driving or riding and depends on the mentality that one has to carry. However, some of the car’s(well, here we discuss only cars and for the bikers, there is a different bike section) don’t have the luxury of having too many features and end up looking sparse in front of the other cars. Often on a long drive, the things spoiling the entire decorum has got to be a punctured tyre or fuel runout, with less emphasis on the latter as each and every car has got to have a fuel gauge. Moreover, for punctures, there is a spare wheel or even a puncture repair kit. Well, how about a puncture resistant tyre for starters? We have listed out a few items here, which might as well make their debut in India very soon courtesy Michelin. Yes, the one who manufactures tyres. Listed here are some of their innovative products guaranteed to make life an easy trip for motorists, in the future.

Michelin Active Wheel :

Installed on the Suzuki Splash or the Maruti Ritz as we know it in India, it has an integrated package which has regenerative braking, suspension components and also electric power all within the compact dimensions of the wheel rim. The advantages to this are incredible. This include adaptability, interior space, economics, fuel efficiency, power delivery eco-friendliness and also superior handling. Well, you must have never thought that there is such a thing which can actually improve all of the aforementioned parameters, but then there is. Unfortunately there is still a lot of time for this to come into India and also the price of the same isn’t being disclosed as of now.

Low Rolling Resistance tyres :

Well, there are some after market tyres in India as also some given as OEM by manufacturers. Some cars like the Honda City and all in a quest to get more fuel economy, use this type of tyres. These tyres are also called as Energy Saving tyres and they do a good job of cutting down on emissions as also bringing down the fuel consumption. Moreover, in bid to be more durable, be robust and also have enhanced grip, these tyres use far lesser rubber than the normal tyres. Michelin has got its own energy saving tyre with the name as Michelin XM1 as of now, however the tyre described here is the Michelin XM2 which would be coming into India by the end of 2011 and will have Michelin’s nature inspired IRONflex technology that will not only ensure sidewall solidity as also, overall, increase the robustness of the tyre. Moreover, over the previous generation of tyres (XM1), these new ones would be better in the aspect that they would save 5 percent of fuel more. Wow! Now, that’s something which would sell like hot cakes, but then the initial buying cost is also said to be on the higher side. AS of now, no price estimates.

Puncture Proof Tyres :

Well, this was the product that we were discussing earlier and it seems that many of the motorists woes would be answered with this one product. Take it or not, this product has definitely got the potential to be a gross seller for Michelin. There is a polymer lining inside the tyre which is puncture proof and this substance doesn’t interfere with the overall functioning of the car and this is a good thing for sure. None of the performance parameters are also affected. Mind you though, unlike run-flats, Michelin says that their polymer only fills any puncture that occurs. Well, we would definitely like to thank the Michelin researchers for coming up with this wonderful product.  This product would debut in India immediately after the launch of the Low Rolling Resistance tyres. Prices would also be on the higher side and as of now, they would come only for the 15 and 16 inch rims.

Michelin are developing new products like there is no tomorrow. As of now, they have developed various tyre related products and things are looking to rise upto various other things including manufacture of other OEMS as and when the situation arises. Like Bosch, even Michelin wants to be an innovative OEM manufacturer. Just like the way the Puncture Proof Tyres, Low Rolling Resistance tyres and Michelin Active Wheel have been developed, it is definite that Michelin would definitely come up with new things for the future. Only time will tell as to which products would make it to the Indian shores and which ones wouldn’t. Michelin conducts regular clinics to let the automotive world know about the different products that they are going to come up with or have developed. If we get to attend one such clinic, we would definitely keep you guys updated on the same. After all, an educated reader is a smart reader, isn’t it folks?

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