Maruti’s Production Capacity to Reach 17.5 Lakh Units in Two Years

According to a recent announcement by a company official from Maruti Suzuki, the company’s yearly production capacity could reach 17.5 lakh units within a period of two years.

The company’s managing executive officer of production, M. M. Singh, said that one their third facility would begin operations in two years’ time; their overall production capacity per annum would be increased to around 17 lakh vehicles.

Singh added that the company’s three facilities in Guragaon and their first plant that is located in Manesar, have a total production capacity of around 13 lakh vehicles per annum. Their second plant while begin operations in a period of 4 to 5 months, which would raise their production capacity to around 15.5 lakh units a year. For building the second plant, the company has made an investment of around INR 1,700 crores, according to Singh.

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