Jaguar Considers New Small Car Of Front-Wheel Drive: Rumours

Jaguar seems not to stop at XE. A report found on internet claims this British automaker is looking to launch a new cost-efficient car entry-level based on the front wheel platform.

Speaking to source, Jaguar’s Director of Design, Ian Callum, uttered, there lays vast opportunity in the small car markets, but business is hugely competitive with regards to price and competitive models available. However, he didn’t clearly confined to the new entry-level, but nod to investigate about it and study further.

Further, he also hopes strong possibility for the new entry-level to sit on front wheel platform, where the realities remain years away. Technological advancement may take over the lost excitement of rear wheels if went with the front-wheel traction. Lastly, despite a number of small petrol and diesel engine options available with the company, new entry-level Jaguar may use a fresh hybrid drivetrain to play with other small-sedans.

Jaguar Considers New Small Car Of Front-Wheel Drive: Rumours

However, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW still have pretty much time to get their products straight in the competition, before this wild cat pounce upon anything.

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