Jaguar F-Pace Spied For The First Time

The affirmation at Detroit Motor show left the caged British cat out in the open. Reportedly, the F-Pace was spied testing for the first time.

Earlier, F-Pace waded to the world as conceptual car named C-X17 at numerous auto shows, whereas, now it seems getting readied for the production sooner that thought of.

With a lot of camouflages on its body, this family sports crossover boasts rectangular front grille, large air intakes, XF drawn headlamps, raising shoulder line and a sporty roof.

On the rear, tail lamp appeared wrapped around, and a spoiler mounted on the tail-gate with dual-exhausts underneath the bottom.

Jaguar F-Pace Spied For The First Time

Disappointingly, interiors couldn’t be captured in the lens. But as far as the Jaguar claims, it could be a five-seater and would lug lump of luxury. Cutting-edge technology and class-leading space could be the other tangents to it.

Hence, the possibility of engine under the hood lies with the Ingenium engine family. A supercharged V6 of 3.0-liter worth developing 340bhp and 450Nm of torque is going to be the crown of the jewel.

Image Courtesy: World Car Fans

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