Jaguar F-Type with four-cylinder engine and a new hood spied testing

Jaguar F-Type has proven its worth to the fraternity in the form of most adorable Jag at the time being. But those who had test-driven it on their respective shores have felt that the British carmaker shall also launch it in the lower displacement in order to pull down its prices for competing other quenching horses of the industry effectively.

To the demand, Jaguar is reported to be launching the coupe version of F-Type in the near future, but alongside, spies at WorldCarFans have dug out that Tata owned British automaker has also rolled in the “four-cylinder” F-Type roadster in the works.

However, there aren’t something concrete info about the said vehicle, but as we has been trusting those guys since a long back, and they are reputed in the industry too, believing the words of their cameraman who noted this spied vehicle somewhere in Europe with a ‘slightly less-aggressive sound note’ than that of the current model, we can bet that Jaguar too maybe sinking a tooth in the fraternity with a low cost option of its most pouncing Jag.

Jaguar F-Type

Though, we speculate that the black color camouflages on the bonnet will also be dwelling underneath a new avatar. Speculation in the industry recites that a new entry-level engine of 2.0L four-cylinder engine churning out 240HP and 340Nm of torque will be lugging its bay.

Jaguar F-Type with four-cylinder engine

Currently, a supercharged 3.0-liter V6 of 340HP and 450Nm of torque is found doing its works in the bay of F-Type at an entry level. Looking at the speculation we can take a bet that the prices would ultimately to a new low if that powerplant will be engulfed in it.

Jaguar F-Type Back View
Image Courtesy: World Car Fans

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