Jaguar Land Rover set to be listed on London Stock Exchange

Tata Motors seems to be very interested in their English acquisition namely Jaguar Land Rover. It was earlier reported that the company is looking all set to pump in more cash into the once ailing JLR, is now thinking of listing JLR on the London Stock Exchange. Many of the investment banks and Tata Motors have converged on this issue and talks are currently going on. The top notch banks which are involved in this process are SBI Caps, HSBC, JP Morgan and also Citi bank. The listing timeline as well as valuation recommendations and proposals are said to be discussed by the banks with the senior management in Tata Motors.

It is very likely that by 2012, JLR would be listed in the London Stock Exchange program. It is a revelation as to how Tata Motors managed to turn around the fortunes of this once Ford owned company. For this initially, Tata Motors had to put in $2.3 billion for acquiring the company. Recently after a span of 2 years, Jaguar Land Rover announced that they would be hiring more people for their operations in the company. And the numbers game say that it would be more than 2000 people.

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