Mercedes S-class 2011 caught testing

A new Mercedes S-class is set to be launched in India soon and if the automobile experts are to be believed, it would sport an all new interiors and minor exterior tweaks. Most of the design theme would be carried forward from Mercedes concept cars such as the F700 as well as the F800. Not only that, the new Mercedes S-class 2011 model would also have the concept cars technologies as well. Most likely would be a hybrid version as also a smaller diesel engine, infact the smallest to be ever offered on the S-class, a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder engine. This engine pumps in 201 Bhp of peak power and 500 Nm of torque . This engine is said to be doing duties in a S250 CDI variant elsewhere in the world. There would be V6 as also V8 petrol engines in the offing with BlueEfficiency technology doing its part to reduce emissions and boost fuel economy.

The best part is that the cabin would undergo a sea change, infact an ocean change. The switch panel for the current model would be changed and the cabin would have a more realistic appeal to its architecture. Rivaling a Volvo car would be the safety features to be found in the new Mercedes namely the video cameras which would be present in the rear view mirrors. Reducing body movements of the car by upto a good 60% would be the Magic Ride Control system which would mark its presence in the new S-class. Taking over steering controls would be a new age cruise control, which would work as good in low speeds as the high ones. The debut of this car is yet to be announced by Mercedes India and we expect it to be not early than latter half of 2011.

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