Jaguar Land Rover to hire around 1,100 employees in UK

Keeping roots firmly in the soil has always worked, be it for trees or for large multinational companies. Jaguar seems to be following the same principle. In an age where most of the automakers are relying on outsourcing their operations, the British automaker is going the other way round.

The reports of rooting in the home soil came out when the automaker decided to manufacture its new XF Sportybrake in Castle Browmwich instead of producing it in China. The carmaker has now a capability to recruit approximately 1,100 new employees at its new facility. The recruitment process for the same has been reported to have started yesterday.

When Jaguar Land Rover CEO, Dr. Ralf Speth was asked to comment on the same, he stated that the launch of the latest Jaguar models, including the new XF Sportbrake later this year, means it is a very exciting time for Jaguar. He added that the new models would attract new customers to the brand as they are looking forward to expand company’s global reach and further enhance its position in the market.

Jaguar Land Rover to hire around 1100 employees in UK
Moreover when Jaguar’s HR Director, Des Thurlby was asked about the hiring plans and process, he quoted that the company has embarked on the most ambitious recruitment campaign in the company’s history, hiring 8,000 people in the last two years. He further stated that Jaguar provides high quality training and development for all of its employees so this latest announcement for 1,100 jobs is great news for the West Midlands and the UK supply chain.

Jaguar’s move to hire a mass pool of new employees certainly deserves thumps up. The moment of appreciation for the carmaker across the United Kingdom came in at the very moment when the world came to know about the company’s efforts to fight against unemployment in the UK.

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