Jaguar ranks 2nd among industry in J.D Power and Associate study

According to the report from the J.D Power Associate 2012 APEAL (Automotive Performance Execution and Layout), Jaguar secured the second place among the industry names in the Vehicle appeal and Range Rover Evoque has been voted as the most appealing entry in the premium SUV segment. Itsthe second time that Jaguar has secured the second rank in the industry with Jaguar XJ getting slots for the second highest premium car. Land Rover got sixth place among 34 other brands.

President of Jaguar and Land Rover for North America, LLC, Andy Goss said that the study simply outlines the design performance and features that have been credited by the customers. He also added that Jaguar Land Rover is a dedicated company which is dedicated to provide quality vehicle that provide extraordinary experience, performance and innovative technology.

Jaguar is noted as the second most enhanced nameplate and this gain is mainly because of the Jaguar XJ which stands tall with 901 points. The Jaguar brand was also nominated as the most improved one and made a tie at the second place.

Jaguar ranks 2nd among industry in J.D Power and Associate study

Land rover was placed at the sixth place in the overall ranking showing that the linage of the SUV is well received by the customers. The lineup is led by the new Range Rover Evoque that scored higher than any of the premium crossover SUVs in the segment. Most of the Evoque customers credited it for its spectacular design and fuel economy.

The 2012 APEAL is based on the feedbacks generated between Feb 2012 and May 2012 by more than 74000 customers and boarders of the new 2012 model cars, which was surveyed in the first 90 days of the ownership.

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