Jaguar Project 7 car to be on display at the Auto Expo

The sharply designed and the aggressive looking F-type had been launched by Jaguar in India last year. Jaguar will now be unveiling the Project 7 car at the Auto Expo. It is said to be based on the F-type Roadster. Jaguar has kept the name ‘Project 7’ for its car in the honor of the Le Mans victories from 1951 to 1990.

The Project 7 car is similar to the outgoing F-type, though the new car boasts about its carbon-fiber bits and the new front fascia. The car has 20-inch forged alloy wheels that have carbon-fiber insertions and it has a lower windshield. The four point harness of the driver’s seat makes sure that he is anchored into the composite seat. Compared to the production F-type, the one seat that is featured in the car has been lowered by three cm. The other seat of the car has been replaced with a helmet holder. It is said that this also shows the purpose for which the car has been built. The project 7 car features a V8, 5.0-litre supercharged engine that can produce 550bhp. Its engine is the standard F-type and has been mated to a paddle shift eight-speed gearbox.

Jaguar Project 7 car

The Project 7 car has been built to pay homage to the most iconic car Jaguar has ever made – the D-type. Though it is said that the engineers completed the work of the car in four months, Ian Cullum, the design director of the company, made sure that the design of the car was as he expected it to be. The car enthusiasts are eagerly waiting to see this car at the Auto Expo.

Jaguar Project 7 car Interiors

Jaguar Project 7 car Back View

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