Jaguar teases C-X17 crossover concept ahead of Frankfurt debut

Finally, Jaguar released a teaser of the crossover which we had been drooling over. And it’s nothing else but the darkened sketch of same that we hopefully had seen testing in UK recently. It will expectedly hit showrooms shortly after the debut at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, and would also land on some couple-of-motor-shows after it for the unshakable confirmation.

Named as C-X17, the Jaguar crossover utility will be using platform of its own, and would also derive the stance near to that of the BMW X6, complementing the aura of sophistication and ruggedness but not some a ‘GT’ type inclinations at its best.

However, the sources say that Jaguar’s scalable architecture expansion can be witnessed underneath it, and it would also find some new badges like hatchbacks and other such at a near future.

Jaguar C-X17 Concept Teased
The C-X17 crossover of Jaguar is said to be a concept avatar at the Frankfurt Motor Show, but we expect the same to delve in production-specific soon at the Geneva Motor Show by next year. Though it is not discerning to learn that Bentley and Lamborghini are also in the line to make something like crossover/SUV, where the formerly mentioned British carmaker had already sanctioned its SUV stallion EXP 9F the green light for production bay. It will be interesting to witness when other carmakers would waive green flag to their SUV-type stallions that would cross the checkered flag first at the showrooms.

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