Jaguar to launch the new C-X16 later this year

Jaguar says that this new sports car is primarily aimed to set benchmarks in the design, technology and vehicle dynamics of its future cars. Even though there is little known about the new car, it is understood that the concept of the C-X16 is based on the future XK aluminium platform. The car is thought to be 300 mm shorter than the XK, but the width would be same. It would be smaller in the sense some extra length would be shortened from the front of the pre-existing structure of the back wheels.

The car would come in both the roadster form and the coupe forms and would be sold strictly as a two-seater. The C-X17’s styling in the front would be a development that was found earlier on C-X75 car. It would also have the headlamp graphics, grille that are four-sided and features vertical air entry designs.

Jaguar C-X16

Chief Designer of Jaguar, Ian Callum, said that Jaguars always looked beautiful with timely innovations that seem to look ahead into the future.

New-generation of the V6 engine (petrol) would be incorporated in the C-X16. They would come both in supercharged and normally aspirated versions.

The V8-engined design may be on its way, but speculations are that its arrival would be a bit later than the initial C-X16 launch. Jaguar would be selling the C-X16 this year end. Ruling out the V6 diesel make would be too early, but expected.

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