Jaguar XF Pockets ‘Executive Car of the Year’ Honor

As per latest reports, the Jaguar XF has been declared as the Business Car’s Executive Car of the Year.

The Jaguar XF won the same title for a second successive year, whilst XJ has notched the label of Luxury Car of the Year during this year’s BusinessCar Honors.

As per Paul Barker, BusinessCar Editor, the Jaguar XF and XJ are two outstanding vehicles, which merge the stylish appeal required to thrive in these top-end sections with the competence, excellence as well as recital biz vehicle operators and drivers hunt for.

Paul Barker added that the business division is the most exacting of clients and in spite of, tough rivalry Jaguar’s double triumph exemplifies the brilliant job it is doing.

Jaguar's XF Is Car Of The Year

The BusinessCar Honors are the only admirations in the company vehicle and van business, which are exclusively chosen for by the readership.

According to Jeremy Hicks, MD Jaguar Land Rover, it’s a big accomplishment for Jaguar to obtain these honors, not least as they replicate the sincere views of business and fleet experts and clients, individuals who put excellence, lasting worth and recital under exceptional scrutiny.

“We value the business market and we have recently lifted our profile with the introduction of a web tax calculator and car comparison services, assisting more clients find out just how sturdy a proposition our models are.”

The Jaguar XF range gathered further appeal during the last year with the debut of the innovative Sportbrake and the introduction of novel high-competent 2.2-litre diesel engines boasting 8-pace automatic transmission and Stop/Start know-how, giving up 55.4 miles per gallon official combined cycle fuel saving.

Moreover, the XJ line-up has also been rendered even more attractive for this year.

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