Jaguar XF to be assembled in India

While the Germans have their big power plant and top-notch quality, the Jaguar XF is a more practical car and is of the same level as the Germans when it comes to luxury. It drives as amazing as it looks and we at IndianDrives just love this cat. Gladly, Tata owned Jaguar Land Rover has plans to localize the assembly of the XF at its Chikali facility, near Pune.

This facility already assembles the Land Rover Freelander 2 since May 2011, and the Jaguar XF diesel will be the first of a series of models that will be assembled from next year. After receiving tremendous response in the Indian market for the entry-level Jags, the British company now eyes expanding in the country. Localizing the assembly is a practical approach as it cuts down the duty attracted by CBUs. The CKD kits draw 30 percent custom, which is a very shallow amount in comparison to the 110 percent duty levied on CBU units.

Jaguar XF to be assembled in India

Although the Jaguar XF is the highly priced in comparison to the German counterparts like Audi, BMW and Mercedes, it has won the hearts of Indians. With a steep rise in the sales figure of luxury sedans in recent years, this is an opportunity for the British brand to expand its foothold in the country. The sales charts will see an astounding deviation following the assembly of Jaguar in India. There is no official date of kick-starting the assembly in Chikali, but the XF will be the first of cats to walk in, and more Jags will follow soon.

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