Jeep India Is Offering Discounts Upto Rs 2.15 lakhs

Jeep India Is Offering Discounts Upto Rs 2.15 lakhs

Looks like every automobile manufacturer is offering year-end discount. Joining in, is Jeep Compass. Jeep India is offering discount upto Rs 2.15 lakh on its SUV. Jeep sales has gone down since the time new players have entered this space of SUVs, such as Hector, Seltos and Harrier.

Jeep India is also preparing to make room for its 2020 models and has rolled out rather large benefits and year-end discounts to push sales of older stock.

At the moment, there is a Rs 2.15 lakh discount being offered on the Limited petrol (AT) variant of the Jeep Compass. Similarly, there is a discount of Rs 1.50 lakh on the Longitude Optional petrol (AT) of this SUV. In addition to this, the Sport Plus diesel (MT) is available with a discount of Rs 1 lakh. All the rest of the variants of the Jeep Compass are currently not available with any discount.

Jeep India is working on bringing a 7-seater of the Compass to India, but it will still take some time.

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