Jeep Wrangler soon to have an affordable version: Sounds Amazing!

Jeep hadn’t officially landed in India yet but there seems the news wafting from its vessel, like does for the Indian market context, which is based on a report that an affordable Jeep Wrangler is there in the works.

However, the Wrangler is the base model plate of brand Jeep, but the automaker doesn’t seem to be excited with it so. Hence, it then decided to craft an affordable version of same to reach the wider stance of audience with ease, and can make a hefty number of sales out it. But disappointingly the European market is shafted on the arrowhead of this new vehicle, and not upcoming markets like India instead.

Need not to be bothering so, some days the Jeep will realize how important the Indian market is, but it is now laying down full concentration on how to pin down the affordable underpinning in Wrangler so that its production could be started at its Italy plant alongside the Fiat 500X.

Jeep Wrangler
Jeep expectations says of achieving the sales figure of 150,000 units from the new yet more affordable Wrangler, while that entry level badge of Jeep may follow the cues of Grand Cherokee by using the modified front wheel platform of Fiat at its best.

It is expected to make debut in the 2016, meanwhile the pickup truck and three-row SUV Grand Wagoneer are also reported to be there in the works of Jeep, which will only be learnt attainable when we can find the traces of same in the form of spy-shots.

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