Mercedes Benz S Class extended-wheelbase spied testing at Nürburgring

“Nürburgring sees it all!” Well that’s what we think is exclaimed when the talks goes there on the table about a particular model from BMW, Audi or Mercedes Benz is said to arrive soon. And as no exception this time, the extended wheelbase of the Mercedes Benz S Class is spied doing rounds on the Nürburgring too.

However, it is not the new sort of analysis that a Merc is doing test rounds on the famous race-track of Germany, but it’s the luxury sort ensample which was pushed forcibly to such difficult exercises despite holding such a delicate and pristine weight as well as cabin inlays on the back.

Though we made to know the quarter glass at rear shall not be assimilated to the rear doors on the S Class extended wheelbase version, while the same to be assimilated to the body itself so as to derive the luxurious factor from it in the glance of an extension.

Mercedes Benz S Class
Lest, the Mercedes was planning a Pullman version of S Class, but it may have happened that extended wheelbase to be there for the launch by end of this year, while the latter-mentioned badge to make debut sometime by the May of coming year or so.

New Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes Benz S Class Back View

Image Coutesy: WorldCarFans

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