JLR Set to Open Assembly Plant in Largest Auto Market, China

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the iconic marquee owned by the Tata group, is looking forward to expanding in China, one of the fastest growing market for luxury cars as well as the largest automobile market with a lot of interest. It was recently announced that Jaguar Land Rover is having talks with some potential partners in China for setting up an assembly facility in the largest automobile market of the world.

Chief Executive of JLR, Ralf Seth, was quoted as saying that they are still amid discussions, and it will take some time as they want to do it properly. The company has made contact with numerous Chinese automobile manufacturers, which includes the Jiangling Motor Corporation, of which Ford owns 30 per cent, as well as the Great Wall Motor Corporation. Reports have also stated that JLR managed to sell around 30,000 cars last year in China alone. JLR is one of the few global top line brands in China, which does not have any manufacturing arrangements, wherein Audi AG and BMW AG have already had stellar sales.

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