7th manufacturing unit for Maruti in the wings

Maruti Suzuki India Limited were the only company during the recession phase which enjoyed a monopoly and grabbed some profits in the bargain. Well, Maruti as of now can’t cope up with the increasing demand for their diesel cars and especially the Swift and its sedan form, the Swift Dzire. So Maruti are thinking of setting up a 7th plant in India. This comes from the very vision of the company to sell about 3 million units each year by the end of 2015-16. Maruti already have two plants coming up in Manesar and the 7th unit would be thought of after these two become functional.

As of now, the Manesar plant can rake in 3,600,00 units each year and all the facilities for Maruti in Haryana can bring up the tally to 8 lakhs fifty thousand units. Maruti believes that the Indian passenger car market would reach a level of 5 million units by the end of 2015. To cater to this increasing demand as also to maintain their market share inspite of the onslaught of the other automotive brands, the 7th plant is being considered. The current Manesar unit is spread 6000 acres and has high scopes of adding one more unit in its fold. In nearby Rohtak, Maruti are also investing in a R&D facility as the company doesn’t want to go the Hero Honda way, should a split were to happen in the future. Also Maruti Suzuki is looking to hire as many as 2400 personnel by 2013.

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